BioHitech Cloud User's Guide


Welcome to the BioHiTech CloudTM User's Guide.

This guide is intended for end-users of BioHiTech Cloud.      BioHiTech Cloud is a world-class analytics and reporting system for organic waste streams. 

This guide will illustrate how to use the various reports, data views, and data feeds available in the system.   This guide will also illustrate how administrators can configure and set up their BioHiTech Cloud system.


BioHiTech Cloud is a web-based system that allows end-users to track their Eco-Safe Digesters.   

BioHiTech Cloud allows users to track:

  • Digester Utilization
  • Machine Performance
  • Cost Savings related to diversion of waste from costly landfills and hauling services.
  • Eco Contributions related to the diversion of waste from dirty and non-green landfills.
  • Alarms and Alerts

Table of Contents