Managing Your Subscriptions


Subscriptions are reports that can be mailed to your daily, weekly, or monthly.

There are currently three types of subscription reports that you can receive:

  • Utilization - a utilization report that reports the percent utilization of all Digesters to which you have access
  • Cost Savings - a cost savings report that displays the cost savings over the last month for all Digester to which you have access
  • Eco Report - a monthly environmental impact report that displays detailed Carbon Emissions diversion data for all Digesters to which you have access
  • Goals Progress - a daily report that notifies you of your progress in meeting daily, weekly, and or monthly goals.

Reports can be mailed at your at different frequencies, including:

  • Daily - reports are mailed every day at 4am ET (the data on the report is based on the prior day)
  • Weekly - reports are mailed every Sunday at 4am ET (the data on the report is based on the prior week)
  • Monthly - reports are mailed out at 4am on the first day of the month (the data on the report is based on the prior month)

If you have subscribed to a report subscription, please wait until the next day, week, or month for the correct report to be generated.  If you are still not getting the report sent your e-mail inbox, please check with your e-mail provider's SPAM and Junk Mail settings/filters.

Managing Your Subscriptions

Managing subscriptions is easy, visit the Profile page and scroll down to the bottom:

Simply check the Report and the frequencies that you wish to receive the report.   To unsubscribe to a report, simply uncheck the check boxes.

Click the Update Subscriptions button to save your subscription preferences.