Cost Savings


The Cost Savings report calculates the amount of cost savings due to disposing your waste locally, on-site using the Eco-Safe Digester (rather than paying a hauling company to take the trash away):

Note that the Cost Savings report does not take into account of water usage, power usage, or man-power cost towards using the Digester.

The top of the screen shows a period-by-period graph of cost savings.   The table beneath the cart shows all of the detailed numbers and parameters that went into the Cost Savings calculations.

Report controls

The top of the report contains a variety of controls, including:

  • Time - select the time period to report your savings.   For example:   last four weeks, last four months, etc.
  • Units - select the desired units of measure
  • Location - select the desired location or grouping of locations to report on

Use can use the Compare button to Compare your data to other Digesters or other time periods.

Calculation Details

The Cost Savings report examines the utilization (amount of weight processed) at each Location.    This volume of waste is compared against Location-specific hauling parameters, including:

  • Disposal Fees - The cost required required (per ton) to dispose of your waste in a landfill.
  • Hauling Fees - The cost required to have a truck come to pick up your waste.
  • Minimum Tons Per Pick-Up - The minimum numbers of tons required before a truck would normally come by to pick up your waste.

Read about settings these parameters in the Location Management section.

Using the weekly, monthly, or year utilization