By Category Utilization Report


The By Category Utilization report displays utilization data classified by Categories.

Waste Categorization is a new featured offered by BioHitech America that allows you to use the TouchScreen on the Eco-Digester, RFID technology, or Magnetic Swipe terminals to classify waste as it is placed into the digester.  Typically, waste classification classified waste by waste type (produce, meat, deli, etc), by department, or by employees.

An example report is shown below:

Reporting Controls

Standard reporting tools and drop-downs exist at the top at shown below:

  • The Time drop-down list lets you choose the time period over which to report data for.  Data on this report will be totaled (summed) over the selected time period.
  • The Units drop-down list lets you choose the units of measure (pounds or kilograms) for this report.   Your default units of measure can be changed in your Account Preferences.
  • The Location drop-down list lets you choose the locations or location by which to filter the report.   For more information about locations, refer to the Location Management section.
  • The Compare button allows you to do comparison.   Read here to learn more about the Compare button.