Digester Details

The Digester Details page will show a wealth of information about the a specific Digester including:

  • Model Information
  • Capacity Information
  • Links to Documentation
  • Links to Training Videos
  • Utilization and Recent Feeds

Below shows an example screen shot of the top portion of the Digester Details page:

Alerts and Visits

The top of the page will show active alerts (shown in a red box) and upcoming site visits (shown in a yellow box):

In the upper right of the page are Service and Alerts links:

Press the Service button to view upcoming servicing information on the Digester Service page.

Press the Alerts button to view detailed alert information on the Digester Alerts page.

Digester Information

Next, the page will show Digester information, including:

  • Digester Name (click on the green pencil to edit the name)
  • Model Type (with links to relevant documentation and training videos)
  • Daily Operational Capacity (click on the green pencil to edit the operational capacity)


Status Information

Next, the page will show recent status Information, including:

Clicking on the green Live Status will connect to the Digester so that up-to-the-second live status can be viewed on the Live Status page.

Utilization Statistics and Feeds

At the bottom of the page, a variety of utilization statistics will be display for the Digester, including:

  • Today's utilization
  • This week's utilization
  • This month's utilization
  • This years utilization
  • Average utilization by hour of the day (based on data from the last 30 days)
  • Average utilization by day of the week (based on data from the last 30 days) 

Finally, a scatter plot of feeds over the last 24 hours will be displayed.

The X axis represents the hour of the day, and the Y axis represent the size of the feed.

Your mouse can be used to "hover" over the dots of the feeds on the chart to show detailed information about that individual feed.