Alerts provide real-time notifications of Digester-related events.

Alerts are currently delivered to the end-user, via e-mail.

Viewing Alerts

To see all of the alerts established in your system, click on the Alerts link on the right.  You will be showing a listing of all alerts:

Adding an Alert

To add a new alert in the system, click the New Alert button.   


Fill in the fields, as follows:

DigesterChoose the Digester for which you wish to be alerted.
TypeChoose the type of alert that you wish to receive.
Total WeightChoose the total weight for which the alert applies (for example: 100 lbs of under-utilization)
Number of HoursChoose the total number of hours that the Total Weight parameter applies (for example: 4 hours)
Start TimeChoose the Start Time that you wish to be notified (for example: 8am). You will not be notified before this time.
End TimeChoose the End Time that you wish to be notified (for example: 5pm). You will not be notified after this time.
Days of the WeekChoose the Days of the Week for which you wish to be notified. You will only be notified on those selected days, between the Start Time and End Time.
E-Mail AddressesEnter any e-mail addresses that should receive the alert. Enter multiple e-mail addresses by entering a comma between each address.
SilentLeave this box unchecked. This can be used in the future if you wish to temporarily silence an alert (for example: because you are going on vacation for a week)


Click the Save button to save your changes.   Click the Cancel link to cancel your changes.


Deleting an Alert

To delete an alert, click the "Trash Can" icon next to the alert on the Alert Listing page.