Button Management


Button Management allows administrators to view, edit, add, or delete touchscreen buttons that are used for Waste Categorization reports in BioHitech Cloud.

Note: The Buttons option will not show up on the page until you create a category (for creating category check the Category Management).

Listing Button Sets

Upon entering the Button Management page, a listing of all Button Sets will be displayed.

Button sets represent a collection of touchscreen buttons that are deployed to a set of waste machines for a specific waste category.    Using button sets, you can deploy different touchscreen button options for different machines at different locations.

Viewing and Editing a Button Set

To view or edit a Button Set, click on the Button Set's name on the Button Set Listing page.

The following properties are directly associated with a Button Set:

  • Name - Represents the name of the Button Set that is displayed on the listing page.   
  • Machine Type - Denotes the type of machine (Digester, Baler, etc) for which this Button Set is intended.
  • Category Type - Represents the category type that is associated with this Button Set.
  • Buttons Per Screen - Represents the number of buttons that will display on the Eco-Safe Digester touchscreen.  Use 4 for fewer (but larger) buttons for screen.  Use 9 for more (but smaller) buttons for screen.
  • Multiple Load - Check this button if multiple categories can be supported at the Digester.    Checking this option allows waste to be deposited for multiple departments or material types during one feeding of the Digester (using the touchscreen each time to denote when new material is placed into the machine).

Button Management

Every button set should have at least two buttons (so that end-users have a choice!).    

  • Adding Buttons - To add a button, click the Green Plus Sign icon next to the Buttons label.
  • Deleting Buttons - To delete a button, click the Green Trash Can icon next to the button label name.
  • Viewing/Editing Buttons - To view or edit a button, click the button name/label to view the button details.

Adding a New Button Set

To create a new Button Set, click on the green "New Button Set" button at the top of the page.

Deleting a Button Set 

Clicking on the Trash Can icon next to the Button Set's name will allow you to delete the button set.